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Thank heaven for little girls...

Little Girls, little girls... ev'rywhere I turn, I see 'em.
Little Girls, little girls... night and day I sleep and breathe 'em.
Some women are drippin' with diamonds
Some women are drippin' with pearls.
Lucky me! Lucky me! Look at what I'm drippin' with: Little Girls!


There's an 8-yr-old convention of 2 going on at our place. dddragonlady's Dragling and hightekvagabond's Shortstuff are having a sleepover, though, it doesn't seem like they're doing much sleeping yet. It's dddragonlady's 40th birthday today, so she's out galavanting around doing Dragony-type things, I suppose.

Shortstuff met Dragling when dddragonlady needed to learn Visio, and hightekvagabond volunteered to help out (okay, yes, at my suggestion— hey, I'm capable of putting 2 & 2 together and coming up with a match made in heaven!). It was instant chemistry, and, they've both become quite smitten with each other. That was only a week ago Monday, and, since then, they've had a Wednesday play date, a Saturday sushi party at athanatic's, with all kinds of raucous fun in the hottub between the two of them and mplsindygirl's boys, not to mention the handful of other boys that were there, a Monday game night with mplsindygirl's boys, and now tonight's pizza party and more hot-tub mischief with athanatic's neighbor's boy. I swear, this little britches' social calendar is becoming as busy as mine... oh, wait, no, hers IS becoming mine... no, scratch that, reverse it...

All these kids of all our friends, all the same age... I'm starting to wonder what was in the water in the summer of 1997... oh wait, yeah, that's right... I remember... but, no, that's another story...

Anyway. Now, we just need to introduce this budding pagan coven to ariabeltane's little hellion, and, we're on our way to a full circle.

hightekvagabond loves the idea of Shortstuff having friends who aren't going to try & convince her that her dad's going to hell. I think it's good to have positive influences, too, and, support for one another, because of some of their somewhat similar circumstances, in some cases.

Tonight, I introduced them to www.cuteoverload.com . (With all the "ooooh"'s, "oh!"'s and high-pitched shrieking squeals it generated, not to mention the tug-on-the-game-playing-arm, "hey, uncle, look!-look!-no, really, look-it!"s, athanatic may ring my neck later for that). Dragling saw a picture of a kitty that reminded her of grinchly's grimalkin, who died a few months ago. She became instantly mopey, followed by tears, and, needing to be held, sobbing, by the nurturing, coddling, comforting karmasoup. Shortstuff seemed at a loss as to what to do, at first... she stood watching for a moment, perhaps a little surprised at seeing that side of both Dragling and I, but, I suggested she talk to Dragling about her memories of Angel, knowing they could each relate to each other about the loss of a beloved pet, and put Dragling down on the sofa, where she drew herself in, curled up in a fetal position. I went into the kitchen to get them both something to drink, and, came back to find them both crying, Shortstuff stroking Dragling's hair. I kissed the top of her head, gave them both their raspberry crystal light tea, and went upstairs to schmooze with adults.

Seems Dragling almost always finds herself in my arms, though, usually, it's less damp. Shortstuff has never been that affectionate with me, but, then, she hasn't known me that long, I don't suppose, though, it didn't take long with Dragling. But, too, Shortstuff hasn't grown up in a household with three very loving, very tactile, very demonstrative parents, not to mention all of their extended "intentional family", none of whom I can't imagine don't absolutely adore Dragling like their own flesh & blood. It's especially easy for me to do so... but for complications, they almost could have had another 8-yr-old friend quite a bit closer to yours truly... so, of course, children that age have always been magical for me.... it's heartwarming to imagine that some essence of the karmic energy I've created floats around in the cosmic slush and ends up twinkling at me in the gorgeous sparkling eyes of some shining young face.


It's finally been quiet now for a bit... so far I've had to interrupt this three times, to find a brighter night light, to set an alarm, to fix PB&J, to see the amazing pincushion faces... silliness, mostly. I think at this point they just might've worn themselves out at last.

hightekvagabond had stopped by athanatic's place before Thursday night class to visit with munchkin types a bit after being in the neighborhood trying to fix an electronic door for theophania_79. He introduced them to athanatic's pet python. They were initially a bit squeamish, but seemed to get over it pretty quickly when they decided to go into fits of little girl hysteria over how funny they thought it was that she'd wrapped herself around my waist and decided to _slither_down_the_back_of_MY PANTS. *BIZARRE* feeling. And, of course, hightekvagabond was NO help, he was too busy laughing himself silly.

Fine. Glad I can be of AMUSEMENT to you all. Well, what the hey... if it helps to educate little ones into not being quite so frightened of beautiful creatures that just happen to be reptilian, I can be okay with that... guess I've done my part at a good deed in paving the way for the future, then. :P

But, man, talk about a whole new spin on the concept of a "trouser snake". I mean, yes, I know it's dark, and, warm, and, considering the rigorous long lunch I had with athanatic today, probably still a bit moist, but, NO, you may NOT bask there! Not to discriminate, but, the only basking I want done in the nether regions is by WARM-BLOODED creatures, thank-you-very-much. Oh, wait, that leaves out The Naughty Baron, doesn't it? Okay, fine, MAMMALS, then.

Anyway. It took some doings getting teeth brushed, and bed made to accomodate two wee ones (i.e., LESS than HALF _covered_ with stuffed toys), but we finally settled in for story, Dragling curled up in my lap for most of it. We're on the 15th chapter of the second Harry Potter book. Dragling was mezmorized. She wanted another chapter. I'm very nearly convinced she could have sat perched wide-eyed through the whole thing, start to finish. But, it was late, and, for some reason, Shortstuff was more fidgety than usual. Social situations may have that effect on her, who knows.

I don't really know or want to bother to try & figure out whether or not the fates have alloted me shortdraglings of my own— it isn't something I stress over... Life has a way of giving you what you need, and, balancing out what you don't have in other ways. Not ever having much in the way of any family of my own, it's nice to get brief glimpses into the joys brought about by others, even if only temporary, and, I thank them for sharing.


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Jun. 30th, 2006 01:25 pm (UTC)
Happy to bring my kids into the chaos! Add to that our neighbors 3 nieces,in town for the week (ages 14, 13 and 12) and my boys are just about in heaven. T has declared that tom-boys are his favorite kind of girls. :) I guess that means I'm his favorite kind of mom.
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