A Karmic Sandbox (karmasoup) wrote,
A Karmic Sandbox

I'll be in my bunk....

...that's what I thought of saying when I walked back in the house a few minutes ago.

I love how nature calls to me.  A drop in barometric pressure has such a gripping effect on the body... my breasts are swollen solid, engorged as dense as firm softballs.  After stepping outside to close up my car windows from the summer shower, I stop back in to don a chemise that will cling to my form as damp beads of wet weather beat down upon my chest, and then head back out to worship the beauty of the mild tempest.  As the material becomes heavyladen with rain, the soaked fabric presses against my nipples, and the chill of the gently blustering current tightens them as perceptibly as an ice cube stroking gingerly along the curve of my shape.  Droplets of moisture trickle across my forehead, loitering on my lashes before drizzling down my cheeks to tickle my lips with their delicate touch, sweet and salty on my tongue.  There's something in the air... I can taste it.

It's getting to be that time of year again.  I can almost feel the throbbing of the drums and the groan of the dijeridu, smell the burning embers of a blazing bonfire, and hear the unsynchronized syncopated cadence of bare feet thumping their reverent dance of passion for life in the pitch of the wilderness equinox.

Ah, yes, autumn is coming...

Spiritual rebirth and sensual reawakening is just around the corner...

...oh, how I can hardly wait.
Tags: flocked, kms, non-fiction, nsfm, reflections

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