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OGDEN, UT — A 30-year-old Bountiful father missed the birth of his firstborn after being arrested for groping a nurse on the way to the delivery room. The nurse said he groped her twice while his wife was in labor with his baby early one October morning.

Adam Jay Manning, 30, brought a pregnant woman in labor to McKay-Dee Hospital around 3am Friday, October 9th, said Ogden police Lt. Loring Draper.

When a nurse came to assist the couple, Officers said Manning “looked her up and down" and made an observation about her appearance.

      “He commented on how attractive she was, how cute she was,” Draper said. The nurse was positioning Manning's wife in a wheelchair to be wheeled to a delivery room.

Draper said Manning continued his pursuit by telling the nurse something looked wrong with her neck, and attempting to massage her. She reported he then reached out and grabbed her breast, whereupon she pushed him away and moved to the other side of the wheelchair.

Police say Manning's wife didn't witness the groping, but that when he touched her a second time, the nurse alerted the expectant mother, as well as hospital security.

      “After the second time, when the nurse asked him what he was doing,” Draper disclosed, “The wife responded that he was just drunk.”

Draper indicated it is unclear whether Manning drove to the hospital intoxicated or if he was taken there by someone else.

      "Obviously, he wasn't there for the birth of the child," Draper said.

The nurse reported the incident to police, who arrested Manning on suspicion of second-degree felony forcible sexual assault. If convicted, he faces 1 to 15 years in prison.

After being charged and booked, Manning was being held in the Weber County jail, where he remains in lieu of $10,000 bail.

When later asked about his actions in the incident, Manning said he had no idea why he did it. "He says he doesn't remember any of it," said his public defender. "He still hasn't seen his son."


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