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Trying to find a lover who’s never, never, never been born...

Painting a Picture Perfect (Available in voicepost)                                                                                                                      Voice Post Part 1

There’s an old joke about the nature of being willing to demonstrate patience in the process of seeking your desires, that speaks to how longevity makes the reward sweeter.  The somewhat cleaned-up version goes something like this:

A couple of bulls stand on top of the hill overlooking a valley of well-developed cows in the prime of mating season.

     “Grandpa,” the young one squirms, hardly able to contain his eager excitement.  “Let’s run down that hill and have us one of them ripe hot mamas.”  The older bull chuckles with the good-tempered wisdom of a seasoned veteran.

     “Hey, now, hold on there, leadfoot,” he counsels.  “I tell you what we’ll do, young’un.  Why don’t we just walk ourselves right on down there, and we’ll have ‘em all.”

While I’m certainly no grandparent yet, I guess you could say I’ve been around long enough to know there’s something to that.

Don’t get me wrong, hooking up is great, and there’s plenty to be said for primal attraction and a good hardcore… case of animal magnetism now & then, but a slow hand with a sensual touch, well… I’ll take one over the other any day.

I might not be a spring chicken, but, I haven’t figured I should get myself in a big damned hurry so far… I still like to take life as it comes.

When you’re young, and you think you’re in love, they tell you’re crazy.  They tell you to slow down, wait a while, see if it works out, then take it one step at a time.

When you’ve become more chronologically gifted, and find yourself ripening with each passing year, they tell you to never miss an opportunity, grab the bull by the horns, and go for it.

      So what’s the truth?

Do you know?

Where do you fall?

     Are you running or walking down the hill?

          What are you looking for?  What are you waiting for?

Well, don’t look at me; I haven’t got a clue, either.
     But, my guess is, while I imagine we all have our own separate and unique stories, I’d venture to say that all of us are "out there" because we’re missing something.

And me?

Well, yeah, me too...

     It’s true that I’ve been missing passion in my life, but I’m not so desperate for immediate physical gratification that I’m willing to settle for afternoon quickies with strangers or one-night stands.  I have enough patience to seek substance, and intellectual and emotional compatibility.  I’d like a friend I can talk to, spend time with socially, and yes, share intimacy too, so hopefully we’ll have some common points of connection between us no matter what room we find ourselves in. 

But having especially discerning preferences doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be especially discriminating.  I don’t really have any specific requirements set in stone, just more or less a smattering of abstract guidelines.

I’ve got pretty simple taste, and whether it seems so or not, if you can believe it, I’m actually relatively easy to please.  Connection and spark are my main priorities, and beyond that, I’m really not too fussy about details.  I’m more about the company I keep than the activities we share, more about interaction, communication, and compatibility than backgrounds, circumstances, or exteriors, and more about the journey than the destination.   That’s why I never say what I’m looking for – I don't even like the question – because I would hate to miss out on whatever it is that I might find.

But, that doesn't mean I don't know the answer.

     I don’t really care what sex you are, because I believe the soul has no gender.

     I don’t really care how old you are, because age is just a number and what you do with it is all up to you, and all in your head.

My only real pre-requisites are that your personality is thicker than the blood rushing to your extremities, that your concept of a solid “connection” between two people is at least somewhat more intricate than the link between tab A into slot B, and that your character is greater than the sum of your parts.

And I wouldn’t really expect to get everything my heart desires, but when I dream, I go all out, and I walk down that hill, so I can have it all.  

Voice Post Part 2

I have a fantastic vision of you, based on a fantasy bound to come true.  Because, even though we’ve never met, I know you, and I’m already in love with you.

In fact, I'm crazy about you... How could I not be?  It’s because of who you are.

And who are you?

      Well... you’re politically active, socially conscious, and spiritually aware, but you’re not domineering over anyone about any of that.  You’re steadfast in your convictions, and passionate in your ideals.  You have strong opinions, but don’t feel the need to challenge those of others.  You relish the lure of a good debate, while you loathe the futility of a ridiculous argument.  You look forward to the opportunity for great conversation, and you have a way of creating it where it wouldn’t otherwise naturally exist.  You make friends easily, since most people who encounter you find you irresistibly charming, and you can find something in common with most anyone you meet.

      You’re an outspoken leader, but you know when to keep your mouth shut.  You’ve also learned to recognize those moments when you need to say something, and you usually find just the right words.  You’re not afraid to admit when you’re wrong, and you know it doesn’t kill you to say you’re sorry.  You also know when a woman just needs to be held, and you’d never bring her to tears in anger.  You’re trusting, but not naïve.  You believe in love, you know it wears many faces, comes in many guises, and that it never really dies, but only grows and changes.

      You’re secure enough in yourself to not be threatened by other relationships, or feel the need to become jealous or possessive, and you would never presume to claim ownership of another life.  You recognize that the world doesn’t revolve around you.  You’re naturally tactile with your partners – you love to touch, and to be touched, casually, closely, and intimately, with tenderness and passion.

      You seem to have a thing with kids & animals, or at least the ones you’ve known don’t run away screaming scared or completely repulsed.  You’re a great cook, and a great dresser.  And while you’re not a neat-freak, you still can’t stand to feel like a slob, and you know how to pick up after yourself, without becoming obsessive.

      You know that your paycheck doesn’t define who you are as a person, but you earn a good living, and you’re zealous about your work.  You’re experienced enough in the skill of a trade to be able to work with your hands if you needed or ever so chose...  but you have the mental prowess to shape your own destiny, so you don’t have to, if you’d rather not, and you’ve chosen your path based on your will and your own sense of gratification; not by accident, or because you had no other choice.

      You’re as comfortable in formal attire at a gala affair as you are in faded dungarees at the backyard barbecue, as natural in a limo as you are on a Harley, as entertained by Shakespeare as you are by the Cohen brothers.  You’re a great patron of the arts, you see it in many forms, and you’re preferably perhaps even particularly enthusiastic about music.

      You have the organizational savoir-faire to plan a romantic getaway, and the impulsiveness to take off spontaneously in no particular direction for no reason at all.  You’re just as happy on any given evening in the company of your choosing, whether you’re out on the town painting it red, or cozied up on the couch in front of a fire.

      You’re tall enough to hold my head pressed against your heartbeat, and large enough to wrap around me in a blanket of strong comforting arms.  On a very superficial level of lower priority inner desires, long hair is a big plus in my book, and if you also happen to be a Leo, a blues-rock musician, work in real estate, and crave the bustle of downtown, but covet the quiet of the country, I think I’d just about pass out.

      Most importantly, though, you’re a friend to the community, and neither harbor nor abide intolerance.  You cherish the value of diversity, foster a sense of justice for all mankind, nurture a willingness to look for and see the good in everyone, and the beauty in everything, and personify a genuine love of people that crosses all boundaries.  You radiate confidence, vitality, and optimism.

I'll stop there without saying anything else about you for now, because I can see I’ve embarrassed you,
     but I’m pretty sure you’ve been searching for intelligent life with a side of imagination, depth of character, and adventure of heart.

      While I won’t say you’ve come to the end of your journey, I will suggest you might want to make a stop along the way for a while here, and let me steal a tangible moment for an intellectually stimulating conversation in a quiet, beautiful environment where you & I can relax and enjoy a slow & steady pace to just casually wile away the waning hours of a lazy afternoon, contemplating harmony over a cuppa java with our bare feet propped up on the front porch swing, watching the clouds drift by as the sun slinks slowly into the horizon.

And if you’ve figured out you’re already on your way… then don’t be bullheaded… run, don’t walk, and go ahead and land yourself at my door, any way you can.  We’ll take all the time in the world that we want to once you get here… as much as it takes.

I’ll even leave the light on for you.

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