July 28th, 2020

Fire Spinner

Some Like It Hot


63 days...
   the vans have all gone
but the streets are still here

       they cry out for justice.

Though faded from sight
forgotten from mind
we have not fallen quiet...
We see you.

Moms and Dads
and Grannies and Vets
in a row, in a line, in a wall
of love and strength
and righteous wrath
  we stand...
    of this ends here and now —
  of take no more — we stand
of not on my watch
We see you.

Their masks their shields
their feet our steeds
our pen their sword
their images
our eagle eyes...
We see you.

1 if by land, 2 if by sea
3 if by unmarked van
We see you.

Attacks on the people
  don’t keep the peace
 Assaulting the public
    won’t make it secure
Crimes of war on
   domestic shores...
 WE are not the enemy.
We see you.

Where are the pitchforks
    of rage?
  Where are the minute men?
Where’s the armed militia
— the wardens of minutiae —
 to rise up
the man

to protect
the oppressed
to defend the detained
   to check
     the overreach
of despotic
  tyrannic control
We see you.

Silence is violence
ignorance complacency
complacency complicit

bleach and bullets and *8_77$#!&*
diamond and silk and denial
demon seed and a reptile dysfunction

viral cult misinformation
intentional mass misdirection
commotion, confusion, conspiracy

alternative facts
  may be painful
...but stupid kills.
We see you.

Lies.  Lies.  Lies.
   Lies.  LIES.  Lies.  L I E S.

LIFE is essential
You are not expendable.
You’re not a hero —
        a hostage...
of economic impossibility
broken down trade
and busted up industry
a fiscal instability —
the inconvenience of
  a system that doesn’t
    care about you
  or anyone
who isn’t green
and dead.
We see you.

Labor for sale
Death for profit
The biggest boom
to the top
since the war
 ...well, this one
      or that one
  or the one before.
We see you.

When did truth
  give way to opinion?
Why was science
  demoted to optional??
How is dying now
  somehow political??!

What made compassion
  and decency, rational thought
    get thrown out like
stained dirty genes?

When did killing off
   the weak
 become the social norm?
And who gets to decide
who’s the weakest?

Who do we sacrifice next?
Who should be
    as tribute to
the esteemed

Have we always
been so numb?
...or just since
we got so dumb?
When do we mourn
1 in 20 snuffed out?
When do stop

Whether we get to eat
or keep a roof on our heads...
a hotly contested debate —
if the jobless deserve
a fighting chance

Consider the loss on
investment — decades of
efforts negated
in collectively keeping
our lessers down...
  gotta make sure
    he knows his place
We see you.

Crawling from out
     of a bottle
  holding your sign
      on the corner
  there but for grace...
We see you.

Departed, deported,
deflated, depraved
We see you.

Irreparable, deplorable,
discreditable, debunked
We see you.

Families divided
Children in custody
Kids in cages
Camping with great
  No really — they love
the gardening!
We see you.

  is our national
  our national
Our legacy
    to have loved
       and lost.

The heart of our soul
    is up for grabs —
  on the block to
the highest bidder...
  sold for a bill of goods
    convincing the jingoist
  he’s a patriot.
We see you.

How did we come to be
  so overrun
by such impudent
zealots and freaks?

What’s in it for
  and cohorts and fans
patrons and backers
bootlicking the clan?
We see you.

Forward progress
   Civil rights
The Rule of Law
  The Constitution
    our duty to
      the natural order...

mere casualties
of commerce —
 the cost of doing business
  with greased palm
 in back room deals

   restrictions, protections
     to safeguard the people
   just get in the way
 of the almighty dividend
We see you.

Polar bears, pandas
  and bees — oh my —
ice caps, clean water
    the dying breaths
  of the rainforests...
   1000 year storms
  — a smattering
       every season —
     our whole way of life...

We Stand on this Rock
    with our Flints at the ready
   to pass on a livable world
 to our young.
We see you.

Integrity succumbed
 to the power of the gun —
our babies sent home
    in body bags
our grieving minds
  made up for us —
the powers that be
    nothing to see here
  don’t get all uptight...
 go quietly back
to your lives.
We see you.

A saver of people
and pets and things
cast away and tossed aside
I love it because it’s trash!

...but maybe the cost
to foster the people
has finally gotten too high

The trailer park
    of the planet
a public beyond
soon to be

What can I do?
    What can I say?
So busy with... stuff...
   too much on my plate
I’ve nothing to add
  that can make
     any difference.
Surely my voice
   doesn’t matter.
We see you.

There are kids to raise
and bills to pay
mouths to feed
and hell toupee.
We see you.

We’re keeping our credit
in check because
some part of the world
  still cares
   what color
the kitchen is

I never have enough
  time to myself
   and the walls are  
  closing  in...
I’m   so...   tired.
    So  very    very tired.

I’m  losing...
  my mind
 this game
     losing  it

I can’t hold it back
    ...can’t hold it in.
   I can’t keep it out.  
  I can’t keep it up.

I  can’t make this
    or pretty
     ...it isn’t.

I can’t sleep at night
   ...can’t even think
     I can’t even...

 I   just...

The world is getting hotter...

   the water is boiling

our salted legs

   begin to twitch


          THIS IS FINE.




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