A Karmic Sandbox (karmasoup) wrote,
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Who knew my boobs had the skills to find and manipulate hot keys?

So, I’m sitting at my keyboard today, and my supervisor is just over the cubicle wall… he’s wanting me to give him a synopsis of data I’ve compiled.  Usually he stands annoyingly over my shoulder to do this, but he’s just figured out he forgot something at his desk, and has jaunted over there, coming right back.   


While he’s stepped away, I lean forward to grab a couple papers which had fallen behind my PC from the edge of the processor and put them out of the way.  This is an area of my desk that isn’t touched all that much, and is not within my normal extended reach from my position in the chair, so I have to stand a bit and bend forward.  Doing so brings a part of me that normally doesn’t touch the keyboard in contact with the keys.  When I sit back down, I am momentarily stunned by the site that greets me, and mutter aloud, “Well, that’s interesting.”


Within seconds, my supervisor is annoyingly at my shoulder again, and makes the same remark… “Well, THAT’s interesting.” 


Apparently, my virtual desktop has just decided to take a nap, as it’s more or less fallen over.  All of my icons and their labels, my start menu and taskbar, are sideways. 


Of course, not knowing what buttons my boobs mashed, I have no way of knowing what I did or how.  And, so, never having had any experience with this particular glitch, I have to call the help desk and have them walk me through how to undo it. 


After the tech stops giggling, and asks a buddy for insight (apparently this is a new one on them, too), they come up with the solution:

Desktop à Right click à Graphics Options à Rotation à Normal. 

This is a bit easier said than done, since my mouse and arrow keys have become confused by the orientation.  But, I get it figured out, and it’s right as rain now.


My very next action as soon as I get myself situated properly again, is:

Desktop à Right click à Graphics Options à Hot Keys à Disable. 


That will teach my boobs to go off exploring my workstation on their own.

Tags: daily grind, irl, kms, random

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