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I'M Batman. I'm BATMAN!

Remember when Michael Keaton Batman was just dying to tell Kim Basinger? There he is, trying to divulge this deep dark secret that's been burning a hole in his heart, his face becoming twisted into increasingly contorted expressions as the message keeps getting all the more complicated and convoluted, and, she’s not understanding, looking at him like a confused puppy, because he’s making such a mess of it, and, right about the time the bad guys bust in the door with machine guns, and she jumps up & runs away screaming, he’s leaning over where she was JUST sitting, and, out of total frustration, just blurts out… I’M Batman. I’m BATMAN.

I know what that feels like.

Is there EVER a right moment to say what you’ve been holding in because you can’t bring yourself to just spill it, and, it never seems right otherwise?

And, would it make ANY difference?