A Karmic Sandbox (karmasoup) wrote,
A Karmic Sandbox

Grounds For Expression: Patience

694K 4:04
“Intimate Images enter my mind
Painting a Passionate picture of Peace
As sensuous strains of a classic guitar
Float softly above the din

The atmosphere suggests a forest
Dark and cool, wild and wondrous
Nature’s bounty, unpretentious
In a pretending sort of way

Underneath the artificial shade
Of an idealistic mystic wooded glade
Drift serenades that reminisce
Lingering on a long-lost lover
And some soft sweet gentle kiss

This magical moment, mysteriously moody
Amidst vivid visions of modernized beauty
Snatched from a dreamer’s secret fancy
Private prayers of pure romancing

So here I sit sipping cappuccino
As I search for some deep hidden meaning
In pages of a fabrication
Made for freaks like me

But I am not so strange tonight
I’m here without my darker side
And think perhaps this eve was tailored
To keep me ultimately growing

The spirit of this place is warm
It fills my heart with joyful song
A moment here has never failed
To get my inner juices flowing


In the midst of commotion I sense someone watching
I scan around slowly to search for your stare

I can feel your focus and as always I can see
You’re still too busy to stop what you’re doing
To steep in the stillness and drink deep this fragrance with me

We’ll shortly find some way, I’m sure
To capture an action together soon
Or maybe we’ll have to catch up with each other
A little bit later some other late night

This is the briefness you’ve bought for your fans
With your blossoming popularity
It’s the price we all paid and I guess that’s all right
But in fact it finally got too hard to fight


So I smirk instead at the music man
And chuckle at his parody
His pick is misplaced and his pocket is picked
Just to make another melody

I’m gleaming at the gathering
And surrounding conversation
It never has been quite as close as just me
And my very own private crowd before

I wasn’t sure I would like it that much
Or find true inspiration
But what I found instead was an arousing revelation

There’s always a friend here or sometimes you meet one
Sometimes seems like family the way they all greet you
And I may have something to say about that
So I hope you don’t mind if I ramble a bit...

…I put this together with mix matching meter
I suppose a true poet would call me a cheater
But I think that’s too unimportant to matter

I’m not so anal that things like that bother me
Since, after all, some of this rhymes...
and some doesn’t

Whatever everything means makes the difference
Between thoughts and feelings behind what gets said
How it gets into your life is irrelevant
This is just how it came out of my head


But one thing for certain your heart can be sure of
Whenever your fate brings your feet through these doors
Your cares are cast off and your spirit’s at rest...
Because just at this moment the world is all yours

A sigh of relief and a crack of the bones
At last just to know that your soul has come home

Yes, I feel you watching me
I’ll talk to you eventually
Or just catch up with you again
And so… until next time, my friend.”

Transcribed by: karmasoup
Tags: audio, lj idol, lji8, non-fiction, poetry, voice

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