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The initial impetus behind Doomsday Domination began in 1962, with a popular blockbuster science fiction motion picture of the day.

When our founder, Dr. Graham Rango, saw upon the silver screen advanced robotic technology that was for its time far beyond those his then youthful brain could have previously comprehended, he realized in that moment that if a man could conceptualize such a place, then it could be created, and if it could be created, then it was only a matter of decades before artificial intelligence recognized the fragility of the human species, and made the logical decision to wipe out all of his kind from the face of the earth.

                                               The Creation of the Humanoids (1962)

Dr. Rango, never having been popular or commonly accepted in social situations, was ostracized as an outsider, ridiculed by his peers, and even bullied in nearly every setting that required personal interaction.  Always eagerly studying the latest trends and discoveries in science and physics instead of learning to relate well to others, or expending any energy on those activities which were more routinely appreciated in the culture of the era, such as dating or sports, Graham continued to drift further from the nucleus of normalcy.  When he knew, watching that film, that the fate of all mankind had already been sealed, but also instantly instinctively understood the inevitability that once machinery took over, it would need to set in place a human Overseer to maintain dominance over the inferior race of man, he resolved in that moment to be on the winning side of a battle for once in his life.

Being not very much the outgoing type, Rango diagnosed himself as more of a kingmaker than a king, and so began later that same day the first stages of what would become a lifelong quest to harness the most effective vehicle to achieving mass manipulation, intending to pave the way for his coming masters.

                                                The Man Behind The Curtain

Through decades of research in dusty cavern libraries and underground laboratories, secret partnerships with corporations and governments, and clandestine collaborations with dictators and tyrants, Graham Rango has labored tirelessly to pull together the tools that would be needed to help him build the ladder to success for the planet’s next most powerful leaders.  His work experience includes advising such pivotal figures and organizations as Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Enron, Wal-Mart, the Illuminati, Teamsters, and Ronald Reagan, just to name a few.

Reagans Wars

Perhaps his most notable decade was the 1980s, beginning with behind-the-scenes efforts at Mt St Helen in 1980, the Falklands in 1982, Bhopal in 1984, Auckland Harbor in 1985, Chernobyl in 1986, NYSE in 1987, Iran in 1988, and closing out that period with a special private project at Prince William Sound in 1989.

US Geological Survey - Mt St Helens, 5-19-80

But then, in the mid ’90s, Rango made what would be his most fateful life-changing course correction to date.  He began to redirect the focus of his enterprise endeavors on a budding new resource established in the previous decade, which was at that point beginning to expand exponentially with monumental speed.

Visualizing the pandemic potential of the internet, Graham determined to make use of this powerful instrument as his primary weapon, then jumped into the dotcom kingdom with both feet, and never looked back.  In 1996, Doomsday Domination was founded, and since then, every major historically relevant incident has at some point had on it the stamp of our illustrious Doctor.

                                                   World Wide Web

His methods tried and tested, promised, proven and delivered, Dr. Graham Rango knows how to help you achieve your lifelong goal of owning all that you survey.

Rule the World

Who will be the first to reach that epic zenith?  Don’t be the last to find out!

Secure your future now… Contact us today!
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