A Karmic Sandbox (karmasoup) wrote,
A Karmic Sandbox


“Thanks to Doomsday Domination,
 I was able to find some excellent henchmen.”

                                                                                     —Doctor Devastation

“Thank you Doomsday Domination,
 we love our new satellite management phone app!”

                                                                                     —General Iron Jaw

“Before I discovered Doomsday Domination,
 I was completely alone in my efforts at a planetary hostile takeover.
 With this service in my corner, soon all of mankind will bow before me!”

                                                                                     —El Capitan

“My arch nemesis would have foiled my plans for certain,
 but Doomsday Domination gave me the tools
 to stay one step ahead of that meddling nuisance.
 Now, nothing can stop me!”

                                                                                     —Kaiser Heinrusckhe

“I feel so much more secure about my rise to power,
 knowing that Doomsday Domination has put their collective necks on the line
 to guarantee my inevitable victory!”

                                                                                     —Emperor Hoang Chet

“Without Doomsday Domination to keep me connected,
 the whole of humanity might have fallen into ignorant chaos and panic
 as I systematically dispense a path of destruction in my wake of terror.
 But, with their network now in place, all shall knowingly tremble at my wrath
 when I take my rightful place as Supreme Lord of All!”

                                                                                     —Komandieris Mirtis

“Taking over the World is exhausting work!
 Doomsday Domination handles all the menial tasks
 that are simply beneath the regal nature of my exalted majesty,
 leaving me the time I need for those projects which are infinitely more imperative,
 and uniquely suited to my specific skill set,
 such as executing underlings or designing elaborate global deathtraps.
 Thanks for the heavy lifting, Doomsday!”
                                                                                     —Master Maven Derebeyi
Tags: corporate, doomsday domination, fiction, humor, lj idol, lji9, satire, technical writing, work product

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