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A wild night at the Wilde Roast

I just wanted to say again to everyone I met this evening at tonight's Wog with whom I've not had the pleasure of socializing previously, what a joy it was to have made your acquaintances, and, to the few I did not get around to learning more about, I'm so sorry we did not get more personal time together, but I look forward to doing so at some point in the future.

To the greater group of everyone who attended, thank you so much for making it a large enough crowd where this might even have been an issue. And to those dear friends I have not seen in far too long, I apologize for not getting out more often, and, I miss you! Stay in touch!

I had an amazing time... delightful company in a beautiful setting... it was a good *Mick* night. Thanks to everyone who made it a lovely evening, and, to those just connecting for the first time with the face of KarmaSoup, now that you know who I am, don't be a stranger! I look forward to investigating our common ground further and to renewing and strengthening our association.

I love you all.