A Karmic Sandbox (karmasoup) wrote,
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Odd fun with Baby names...

I once knew a couple in Tallahassee who may not have been thinking very clearly with all of their choices in baby names.  When Karen Walker married into the Klein family, it was kinda the way Maria Shriver's officially a Kennedy... there's some connection that traces not terribly far back in the lineage, but it doesn't follow in name.  Her husbands name is David Case.  Now, David and Karen had two sons.  Their firstborn, heir to the family name, expected to carry on the lineage of the Klein legacy, they named Jr.  Then, they had another child, and, mind you, I have no idea whether this was intentional, or if they were obviously not being terribly mindful of the impact, but their SECOND-BORN son, they named JUSTIN.  As he was NOT the firstborn son, he was only Justin Case.

At that same church, the preacher was a man who had the growth of one arm stunted in development, where the fingers were only the size of a child's, and the arm was only as long as to the length of his elbow on the other side.   Needless to say, this man could not play the guitar.

His name was Bruce, and he and his wife Becky had a daughter named Amanda, whose middle name was Lynn, so, she was Amanda Lynn.

Funny she never had a brother they called Luke Alay Lee.

And, then of course, there was the little old lady that wandered into a church potluck with one of the more regular members, last of the great family matriarchs to the Berberich's at 97-yrs-old.  Her name was Myrtle, but, that's not the funny part.  Of ALL the men in the world that she could have met and fallen in love with... she had to marry a man whose last name was Ertle.  Yep, she was Myrtle Ertle.  And, that's not all!  No, it gets WORSE... this madame, in her youth, had bore her man ELEVEN children.  That's right... she had been known as Fertile Myrtle Ertle.
Tags: humor, inept segue, random

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