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Weird things that pop into my head at the oddest times during chats
(Lyrics to a song I sang in choir 17 years ago... oh, wait, oh god, I CAN'T be that old...)


Please excuse us, mister, we don't want to bother,
we only want to know
All of us are neighbors, so we're very curious,
Why do you look so low?
Give us all the lowdown, did you reach a show-down
with your last lady love?
Give us all the lowdown, are you feeling letdown
cause you've lost your love? OH!

Did she keep you waiting, did she break your date?
Please elucidate, please elaborate!
Did she treat you badly, was she very bad?
Did she make you mad? Are you very sad?

Did she, did she keep you waiting?
Did she treat you very badly?
Are you really mad, are you so very sad?

Was she a very rich man's daughter
Who showed that she was not all you thought her?
When with your songs of love you sought her,
Were you dowsed with water poured down from above?

Did you beat her, try to choke her till you made her pout?
Did her father take a poker, did he throw you out?
Did you beat her and choke her and knock her all about? Ah!


Please elucidate! Please elaborate!
We are curious indeed!
Did she make you mad? Are you very sad?
We are curious indeed!
Was she bad? Are you sad?
Did she make you MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD?!!!!